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Finally, rigorous testing procedures will guarantee a robust and proven solution that shall comply all owner’s requirements.
Pre Requisite Methods and Tools Outcomes
  • Testing requirements as per specifications.
  • Applicable testing standards.
 Testing Conditions :
  • Dry – No Load
  • Wet – Full Load
  • Testing procedure as per testing standards.
  • Testing parameters as per specification.
 Project Management Methods
  • Cutting methods such as oxy cutting, plasma cutting.
  • Including P.E.R.T to ensure timely installation.
  • Adherence to detailed GANTT Chart to enable interface facilitation with other agencies, and to track resource deployment and costs.
  • Operational and functional tests of individual installation measured to requirement.
  • Operational & functional test for group installation for each structure.
  • Load test for each installation.
  • Rated capacity test for each drive mechanism.
  • Operational test for the project as a whole.
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