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Adoption of scientific installation procedure coupled with efficient project management techniques is necessary to ensure high levels of accuracy and timely completion.
Pre Requisite Methods and Tools Outcomes
  • Approved erection drawings
  • Schedule of Civil Work to plan erection of individual installation in chronological order
  • References and Bench Marks for each installation
  • Access routs to individual installation site.

 Methods and Tools:

  • Planning of erection methods & sequence for individual installation.
  • Planning of erection equipments resources mobilisation based on methods, sequence and  overall erection schedule.
  • Mobilisation of erection equipment, material and other resources.
  • Establishment of erection facilities and camp.
 Project Management Methods
  • Cutting methods such as oxy cutting, plasma cutting.
  • Including P.E.R.T to ensure timely installation.
  • Adherence to detailed GANTT Chart to enable interface facilitation with other agencies, and to track resource deployment and costs.
  • Erection of individual installation.
  • Erection of group installation for individual structure.
  • Interface of mechanical installation without structure.
  • Interface of installation with operating mechanism
  • Operational tests.
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