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Manufacture Supply


Supply of machining and constructed items as per exacting accuracy levels and  stringent quality standards is critical to the success of a hydro mechanical project.
Pre Requisite Methods and Tools Outcomes
  • Approved design and drawings
  •  Material grade specifications
    and manufacturing requirement
  • Material grade wise estimation
    of quantities
  • Planning of manufacturing schedule.

Methods and Tools:

  • Various Machining Activities – including turning, planning, gear hobbing, boring, drilling, slotting, shaping, milling , grinding etc.
  • Drawings preparation – As per design calculations prepared in AUTO CAD 2006.
Fabrication Methods
  • Cutting methods such as oxy cutting, plasma cutting.
  • Preparation of jigs and fixtures,
  • Welding sequences & methods such as submerged arc, shielded metal arc welding, MIG welding,etc
  • Surface Preparation, Sand/Shot Blasting and Painting.
Quality Assurance Methods
  • Material testing – chemical & mechanical
  • Stage wise inspection & dimensional check
  • Non Destructive Tests
  • Load Tests, DFT measurement
  • Design Calculations – As per Scope of Work prepared in MS Excel Templates.
  • Finished components and sub assemblies as per desired quality standards
  • Accurate estimation of quantity of work
  • Complete procurement of raw material as per project schedule.
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